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Mine worker killed in tramming-related accident at South Deep mine – Business Live

Thursday, 16 February 2017

An employee of Gold Fields was killed in a tramming-related accident at the mining group’s South Deep mine on Thursday.

South Deep management had suspended all hopper tramming activities, pending a full risk assessment, and had notified the Department of Mineral Resources, the group said.

An in-loco inspection would take place later on Thursday.

"This is a serious setback in our efforts to continuously improving safety at South Deep as it is the second fatality we have recorded this year," Gold Fields CEO Nick Holland said.

The mine reported one fatality for the whole of 2016..

"Until this year we had shown measurable improvement in safety behaviour, and have spent considerable time and resources on making working conditions safer. These two fatalities tragically remind us that we can never lessen our resolve in prioritising safety at all our operations."

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