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SA gold producers launch online communications platform

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

This is Gold, a collaborative and web-based initiative to provide insight into the gold industry, its processes and its contribution to South Africa, launched today.

The initiative serves as a platform to represent the South African gold industry and will provide honest, balanced information that can be used to understand the history of gold mining in South Africa, the work being done by the industry today and the plans in place for the industry’s future. It is founded on the belief that open, honest and vigorous engagement is a route to better understanding the industry and indeed the issues currently facing South Africa.

The gold industry has played a significant role in South Africa’s history and while South Africa’s gold mining production is declining as its ore reserves diminish, the industry still has an important role to play in the country’s economy. Although South Africa is no longer the world’s largest producer of gold, it still produces 5.6% of annual newly mined gold and the country’s resources remain one of the world’s greatest.

The gold industry provides employment to thousands of people in South Africa. In 2013, 132,000 people were directly employed in the gold sector. Each job sustains more than five other jobs upstream and downstream of mining, meaning 700,000 indirect jobs are created as a result.

This is Gold sees the potential of the gold industry to help transform South Africa, as it faces issues such as the legacy of migrant labour, housing and accommodation, employee indebtedness, an unstable labour environment, safety and health on its mines and sharing the benefits generated from mining.

This is Gold invites you to participate and engage. Register for updates on the website,, and follow
This is Gold on twitter @_ThisisGold.

For more information, please contact:

This is Gold

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