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Gold Fields addresses environmental sanction proceedings again Salares Norte project

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Santiago de Chile, 1 December 2021: Gold Fields Limited (Gold Fields) (JSE, NYSE: GFI) has been notified that Chile’s Environmental Regulator (SMA) has begun sanction proceedings against the Salares Norte project due to infringements in the process of relocating short-tailed chinchillas residing in the project area.

The sanction proceedings will not impact the commissioning of the Salares Norte mine in the Atacama region in northern Chile, due to be completed in Q1 2023, as the mine and processing plant construction is not taking place in an area of known Chinchilla habitation.

The SMA halted the rescue and relocation programme carried out by Salares Norte following the death of two of four chinchillas relocated in October 2020.

Based on the scenario and risk assessment performed, we believe Salares Norte has at all times sought to act responsibly and in line with the process outlined in the project’s Environmental Qualification Resolution (RCA).

Even though Salares Norte considers that it could possibly take some of the charges presented by the SMA on review, Gold Fields accepts them and will now submit a new compliance programme to the SMA for its approval. The programme will propose a range of actions to strengthen the process of capturing and relocating the chinchillas in line with RCA requirements. These, we believe, will minimise the risk to the chinchillas while at the same time ensuring the long-term continuity of the project.

The new compliance programme is being developed by our technical and legal teams supported by independent environmental experts. Now that the SMA has informed us of the infringements that serve as a basis for its charges, we will incorporate the specific aspects so we can shortly submit the programme to the environmental authority, along with the required background information, for approval.

We will also continue to contribute to strengthening the research and enhance the scientific knowledge base about the Chinchilla as part of our long-term commitment to the conservation of the species and the overall environmental wellbeing of the area.



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