Hualgayoc students awarded scholarships in Peru

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Thursday, 27 February 2020 |

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Twelve young people from our host community in Hualgayoc, Peru, have received Gold Fields scholarships to study mining at the CETEMIN Higher Technical Institute in Lima. This brings to 26 the number of students who have received scholarships totaling 659,464 soles (approximately US$194 000).

During the eight-month course, the students will receive practical work experience at the Institute.

Elmira Zanini, a mother of one of the beneficiaries, said: "I thank Gold Fields for this opportunity offered to youngsters from Hualgayoc. I feel very happy for the opportunity they've given my daughter."

Gina Gutiérrez, deputy prefect of Hualgayoc district, said: "Thanks to Gold Fields for carrying out this project which will give many opportunities and skills to the young people of Hualgayoc,. They now have a better chance of getting jobs in the mining sector. It is a great investment that the company makes in these young people."

Peru's ongoing investment in education helps to build the skills pipeline we need for our operations, while ensuring we provide host community members with opportunities in mining and other sectors.

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