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The new El Tingo Community Centre

Gold Fields in Peru builds modern el Tingo community centre

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

In line with our commitment to sharing value, our team in Peru built and equipped a community centre, valued at 1.03 million soles (US$310,000), for the El Tingo Community near our Cerro Corona mine.

The modern construction has three levels with facilities ranging from a multi-purpose room and warehouse to industrial kitchen.

At the handover ceremony, Rolando Gallardo, President of the El Tingo community, said: "My sincere thanks to Gold Fields for constructing the centre. The company is characterised by generating development in communities in its area of ​​influence, showing that mining and communities can work together."

Process Manager at Gold Fields, Pedro Paucar, added: "Good relationships make it possible to execute projects that impact and contribute to the future of communities. It has been shown that livestock, agriculture and mining can co-exist successfully.”

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