Suzanne Smith, our Occupational Therapist in Australia (right) with Amy O’Neil who is currently delivering the programme.

Gold Fields Australia wins AMMA award for health and wellbeing initiative

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018 |

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Congratulations to our team in Australia on winning the 2018 AMMA Health and Wellbeing Award, run by the Australian Resources & Energy Group to recognise leaders and innovators in the resources industry.

Australia won the award for its Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) Early Intervention and Wellness Programme, which addresses work and non-work related injuries. It involves one-on-one sessions with a DNS exercise advisor, who provides employees with simple exercises to perform to retrain and restore muscle movements. This muscle-strengthening helps to reduce health risks at work (and home) and improve recovery.

The programme is offered to all employees. Over 90 of our people have already participated in this initiative since it was launched in October 2017. It has shown solid success in helping employees, who were completely unfit for work, returning to their pre-injury duties.

Behind this initiative
Suzanne Smith, Occupational Therapist, was instrumental in introducing DNS to Gold Fields. She says: “My vision for DNS was to empower people to heal themselves after injury and ultimately see this applied to uninjured employees to prevent them occurring in the first place; workers understanding their body, how it moves, and how to keep themselves safe. My vision has always been to see musculoskeletal injuries in mining become a thing of the past.”

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