South Deep warns against employment fraud

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Thursday, 28 June 2018 |

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Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa with 28% of the population registered as unemployed. This reality has unfortunately increased the number of unethical individuals targeting unsuspecting jobseekers. It has come to our attention that South Deep is one of many companies whose names are being used in employment scams that exploit vulnerable people in our community.

A few individuals front themselves as either employees, or employment agents on behalf of South Deep, with the intention to mislead members of the public asking for a fee in exchange for jobs. This practice is not condoned by South Deep in any way or form and is viewed in a very serious light as it is against our Values, policies and code of conduct. The management of South Deep regards these acts with the contempt they deserve. We therefore urge all members of the community to be vigilant and report these types of suspicious activities to the hotline number listed below.

South Deep will never require any person to pay an employment fee at any given time during a recruitment process. South Deep encourages jobseekers to make sure that they understand all the important details about looking for employment at South Deep and share this correct information with friends and families.

When looking for a job, please take note of the following important points:
1. You will never be requested to pay any money for your job application.
2. You should only submit your CV and details to the address provided.
3. Not every job advertisement is legitimate.
4. The golden rule is: Any job offer that requires you to pay a fee in advance is a scam.
5. If the ‘recruiter’ offers job training in return for money, know that you are being scammed. No legitimate company or recruiter would ask for money upfront, under any circumstance.
6 Any recruiter or company that corresponds from a free email address such as Yahoo, Live, Hotmail or Gmail is likely to be a scammer. Legitimate job related emails will come from the company’s email address.

If anyone is aware of similar or related activities, please contact the South Deep Hotline on 0800 203 711 or approach the South Deep Protection Services Department.

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