Cerro Corona team members who made this achievement possible

Our Cerro Corona mine achieves ISO 50001 certification

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Thursday, 7 June 2018 |

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Congratulations to our colleagues in Cerro Corona for being one of the first gold mines globally to achieve certification on ISO 50001, the international energy management standard.

The certification means that the mine’s energy management system is properly organised, fully integrated into the business and driven by the philosophy of continuous improvement.  

One of our medium-term goals is to have all our mines ISO 50001-certifiable by 2020. It forms part of our integrated energy and carbon management strategy, which focuses on energy security, managing our energy use and costs, reducing carbon emissions, and building climate resilience at our operations.

Cerro Corona has been implementing the Gold Fields integrated energy and carbon management strategy for more than a decade and over the years has introduced initiatives such as LED lighting, light-weight mill liners and fuel management systems. In 2017 new initiatives contributed 26,8TJ and 747kℓ of diesel to energy consumption savings, equivalent to US$623,000 in cost savings. At the same time these initiatives enabled the mine to avoid 2,000 t CO₂-eq in carbon emissions.

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