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Gold Fields recently welcomed authorities from the Diego de Almagro community at our Salares Norte project in Chile.

Giving local stakeholders more insights into our Salares Norte project in Chile

Friday, 11 May 2018

Our approach to Community Relations is based on open, transparent engagement. Recently, authorities from the Diego de Almagro community paid a technical visit to our Salares Norte project in Chile.

Diego de Almagro is 190km from Salares Norte and the closest city to the project, which is located between 4 000 and 4 900m above sea level in Chile’s Atacama region. The project is making good progress with the feasibility study set to be completed by the end of 2018 and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to be presented to Chilean regulators in May. The municipality’s visit formed part of our Early Citizen Participation activities for the ESIA.

Travelling to such a high altitude, the delegation experienced first-hand what steps we take to protect the health of employees and visitors. They visited the camp and site, where they learnt more about the projected works.

Gold Fields Superintendent of Community Relations in Chile, Andrea Acuña says that the visit illustrates Gold Fields’ open door policy. “It was important for us to not just present the municipality and technical team with a written report,” she adds.

More than 130 students and professors from the Liceo Manuel Magalhaes secondary school have also visited the Salares Norte project. Sixteen of these students have completed their professional practice (as part of their studies) here, and six of them have been employed by Gold Fields.

Find out more about Salares Norte here:

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