Catherine Kuupol Kuutor

First female Metallurgy Manager for Gold Fields West Africa

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017 |

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Gold Fields West Africa recently appointed its first female Metallurgy Manager, Catherine Kuupol Kuutor, at its Damang mine.

Mining globally is still a male-dominated industry, and in Ghana, it is estimated that less than 1% of mining professionals are women. The women who do work in the industry are usually found in support and auxiliary services such as Human Resources, Finance and Communications. Very few venture into mining, processing and engineering.

The appointment of Catherine is an inspiration to many Ghanaian women who strive to make their professional mark in areas traditionally occupied by men.

Catherine joined our Damang mine in 2013 as a superintendent at the Metallurgy department, and in 2015 she was promoted to Unit Manager. She led several business improvement processes that resulted in increased gold recovery at the Damang plant.

Her strict adherence to safety and the wellbeing of her teams have endeared her to our people in Ghana. “She doesn’t just lead us; she inspires us to do what is right all the time,” says one of her team members.

Asked about her main goal in her new position, Catherine says: “My goal is to help enhance gold recovery and shareholder value through increased production and reduced operating costs.”

She believes women will increasingly excel in our industry. “I see women actively and progressively taking up challenging operational mining positions.”

Catherine holds a Master of Science degree in Minerals Engineering from the Ghanaian University of Mines and Technology. She is also a member of the Ghana Institute of Engineers.

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