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Monday, 6 March 2017 |

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Are you originally from Hualgayoc?

Yes, I now live in Cajamarca, but I was born and lived in Hualgayoc, where Cerro Corona is based, until some years ago. I started working at Gold Fields around 2006 when the company first developed the mine.

What positions have you held at Gold Fields?

I joined Gold Fields when I was 32 years old. Back then Gold Fields was still a project; I was hired by a contractor company working in social affairs in 2006. Gold Fields came to Hualgayoc with a new mindset. And soon after I started, I was invited to do training as one of the future processing plant operators.

After months of instruction at TECSUP (technological institute) in Cajamarca, I was called in to join the mine´s Process Plant area, where I started working with chemical reagents. I learned a lot there between 2007 and 2011.

After working with chemical reagents for four years, I asked my superiors to give me a new challenge. Not because I didn’t like the job, but because I learnt more, I felt prepared for new challenges. Therefore, I applied for a position to work in the rod mills. Soon I started working more closely with the operators in the Control Room and learnt how to use some of its functions. 

I carried on with further training and received a number of certificates from various institutions during my next few years at Gold Fields, and in 2015 I was given the opportunity to start working in the Control Room. Now, at 42, I feel I like I have accomplished a dream. As a professional and a woman, it is rewarding to do a job as hard and complex as this one. I feel there are no limits when I put in effort and I enjoy what I do. 

How has Gold Fields benefited you and your family?

At first, my family didn’t want me to move to the Process Plant area, but I told them I would enjoy it. Besides I could spend more time with my family and son.
Working at Gold Fields has allowed me increase my family’s quality of life. Now I can afford to pay for my son’s career. He is studying Mechanical Engineering at a private university in Lima. I haven’t built a house yet, as I have prioritised his education. I really thank Gold Fields for this opportunity.

What do people in Hualgayoc say about Gold Fields?

In Hualgayoc, people talk about Gold Fields and they are happy, because it's not only committed to the operations, but also to its workers and to the communities. It's committed to improving education, health issues, contracting local companies, buying local products, improving agriculture and cattle raising, among others.

Gold Fields doesn't impose a model; it dialogues with communities and it negotiates. If there is any confusion or misunderstanding about social or environmental issues, Gold Fields always faces it and has a response. This is why I believe Gold Fields really is ‘the new face of mining’.

What are your goals for the future?

My superiors have a career development plan for me and it's aligned with a programme called Construyendo (building), which Human Resources has designed for workers in operational areas.

I want my son to finish his studies; I want him to be an independent professional. After this I will keep working. I want to continue my training with the company and learn more every day. Perhaps some day I can be a supervisor at the Process Plant.

Being curious has helped me grow professionally and Gold Fields has helped me satisfy this curiosity. 

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