Delivering drinking water to Hualgayoc residents

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Wednesday, 29 September 2021 |

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Over the years Gold Fields in Peru has implemented a range of projects to improve the drinking water supply and quality for residents of the city of Hualgayoc, home to our Cerro Corona mine. Almost US$5m has been spent on the construction of water systems in the district (US$3.5m) and improving the water system in Hualgayoc (US$1.3m).

This year work is proceeding to provide drinking water to over 2,400 residents in Hualgayoc, at a cost of US$620,000 (all but US$70,000 this year). The project is set for completion later this year and by mid-2022 all residents of Hualgayoc City should have access to clean, potable water.

The land on which the infrastructure is being constructed has been made available by the municipal authorities, highlighting the importance of partnership in successfully executing infrastructure projects such as this.

A local company, Consorcio Pilancones, has been selected to construct the key infrastructure for the project, including a pipeline and two reservoirs, with a capacity of 40m3 and 10m3 respectively. The new investment will ensure that the quality of water is improved and the water flow rate raised to 2.8 litres/second. Almost 50 workers will be employed during the construction process.

Other water projects being carried out this year include the US$434,000 construction of a drinking water treatment plant, together with the Manuel Vasquez Association, (a community organisation), and the automation of a potable water system in the Pilancones area of the district. The latter project will cost approximately US$200,000.

Water for farmers
For community members farming high up near our Cerro Corona mine, ready access to water is key. The Sowing and Harvesting Water Project will improve the availability of water for these farmers through rainwater harvesting, constructing micro-reservoirs and developing irrigation systems.

This US$6m multi-partner project will benefit the approximately 16,000 people living in the Hualgayoc municipality and 39 adjacent rural hamlets and villages. Now in its first phase, work is currently underway to build approximately 2,000 rural micro-reservoirs to feed local farmlands.

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