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Goldfields Chief Urges Gov't To Speed Up Rehabilitation Work On Tarkwa Rail-Line Project -

Thursday, 25 July 2019

The Executive Vice President of Gold Fields West Africa, Mr. Alfred Baku has urged the authorities to expedite action on the rehabilitation work being carried out on the 56km Kojokrom to Tarkwa Railway line.

The project, worth millions of dollars, entails a passenger and freight service which will serve the various needs of the people and the companies in the area.

However, the pace of work has slowed down with the project not been completed on time despite several assurances by the government in times past.

Mr. Baku explains that this will lessen the pressure put on the frequent use of the main road network by heavy-duty vehicles which transport bauxite, manganese and other heavy materials.

He asserts that the project will reduce the life span of the roads, hence the need to complete the railway line to help carry out freight services.

Mr Alfred Baku noted, "the rail line project should actually continue for us to take the pressure off the roads. Beaxuse if you look at these heavy trucks that carry bauxite, manganese and what have you, they put a lot of pressure on the road. The rail line project should continue to help address the critical issues."

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