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Agnew could run off 95% renewables in a year - ABC News

Monday, 4 October 2021

The owner of a gold mine in WA's northern Goldfields says he expects the site will be frequently powered by up to 95 per cent renewable energy in 12 months' time.

Key points:

The Agnew gold mine, 968 kilometres north-east of Perth in Leinster, is one of the first sites of its kind in the world to combine wind, solar, gas and battery storage for power usage.

The $112 million Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project commenced operations in 2020 and is delivered by EDL Energy under a 10-year agreement with Gold Fields Australia.

Last week, the project won the state government's prestigious Golden Gecko award for environmental excellence.

The mine has been trialling new technology that raises the use of renewable energy for short periods in ideal weather conditions.

Gold Fields Executive vice-president Stuart Matthews said the hybrid model meant the site currently used about 60 per cent renewable energy on average.

"We have been as high as 70, almost up to 80 per cent at times, for the absolutely optimal wind and solar conditions at the time, which is quite a high level and we've cut our emissions considerably at that mine," he said.

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