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GFA managers present at Renewables in Gold conference

Friday, 18 June 2021

As a presenting partner of the Resources Technology Showcase (RTS) Perth 2021, the Gold Industry Group (GIG) is taking renewable energy to the centre stage, showcasing the exciting developments in technology and innovation in the sector to inspire and prepare the next generation of future leaders.

The gold industry is accelerating the transition to renewables through the diversification of power sources. This transition ensures the security of supply which makes a mine more sustainable and further reduces emissions by displacing the use of fossil fuels.

On behalf of the gold industry, Gold Fields Energy Manager James Koerting and Gold Fields Superintendent: Environment & Community Ashleigh Shelton will deliver a cool and captivating presentation on renewable energy in gold at 12pm Monday, 21 June.

"Gold companies are looking to reduce their CO2 emissions and they know that clean energy is going to be a major contributor to that," said Mr Koerting.

"The highlight [of our presentation] will be the case study of Gold Fields' Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project which is leading the mining sector's transition to clean energy through the innovative integration of five energy technologies to balance sustainability, economics, reliability and flexibility," Mr Koerting said.

The Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project is Australia's largest hybrid renewable microgrid and the first in the country to use large-scale wind generation at a mine. It is one of the first gold mines in the world to generate over half of its energy requirements from renewable sources.

A 10,000-panel solar farm with a 23MW power station that integrates photovoltaic solar with gas and diesel generation, five wind turbines delivering up to 70% of Agnew's power requirements in favourable weather conditions, and a 13MW / 4MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) are powering Gold Fields' Agnew Gold Mine.

"Through sharing our learnings from the Agnew Hybrid Renewable Project, both the easy wins as well as the hurdles, we hope to provide a blueprint for other companies to consider their power options and possibly take the first steps on their journey towards transitioning into renewable energy.

"But most importantly, and in line with the GIG's education initiatives, we hope to inspire kids who are still in school to consider possible career opportunities in the gold industry, mining, technology and renewables," said Ms Shelton.

The proven success of recent projects has generated a healthy combination of pride, excitement, and healthy competition in the sector.

By building a pipeline of talent to support its growth, the gold industry will continue to be a world-leader in the development and implementation of new technologies and innovations.

The GIG's gleaming interactive exhibit at RTS will host action-packed challenges on 21-22 June from the Discover Gold challenge and the Gold Rocks challenge, to the Golden Flair renewables challenge and the Gold Jobs challenge.

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