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Gold Fields implements a Blood Bank at the Tito Villar Cabezas Hospital -

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Any citizen in some unexpected circumstance could be exposed to a medical emergency and, in the case of undergoing surgery or suffering an accident that damages their health, the availability of blood for a transfusion is of vital importance to save the patient’s life. That is why Gold Fields, aware of this situation, and with the purpose of helping to safeguard the health of the population of the province of Hualgayoc, has donated the necessary equipment for the correct implementation of the Blood Bank of the Tito Villar Cabezas Hospital.

This initiative is achieved thanks to coordinated multi-stakeholder work, which has joined the efforts of the public sector through the health sector, the provincial authorities and Gold Fields as a private company. This joint inter-institutional work is the only way to achieve the sustainability required in projects for the benefit of the population.

The value of this donation by Gold Fields amounts to S /. 220 thousand soles, which have been distributed for the purchase of equipment and adequate furniture; as well as to manage their installation and training for the personnel who will use them.

Among the donated implements are the delivery of a blood bag preservative, plasma freezer, immunohematology centrifuge, blood bag transport box, binocular compound optical microscope, autoclave for sterilization, automatic pipettes, 3-time stopwatch, temperature thermometer environmental, voltage stabilizer; among other furniture equipment.

“It is an urgent necessity to have a Blood Bank for the entire population of the province of Hualgayoc and also for the districts of the Llaucano River basin. I thank and acknowledge the great work that all the health personnel of the Tito Villar Cabezas Hospital and also the private company have been doing for their condescension towards our province, and I believe that the people will recognize it, ”said Dr. Marco Antonio Aguilar , mayor of the province of Hualgayoc.

Likewise, Omar Aguilar, Superintendent of Community Relations of Gold Fields highlighted that the donated equipment is of the latest generation. “We have been going through difficult times, but we have shown that working hand in hand we can face any situation, today we are consolidating a very important project for the province of Hualgayoc and the implementation of the Blood Bank will contribute to the well-being and health of the residents,” he added.

For his part, the director of the Hualgayoc – Bambamarca Health Execution Unit, Dr. James Pérez, stated: “This Blood Bank will provide the guarantees to carry out a correct intervention at the time of blood transfusions and improve the health of the population” .

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