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Help and accessibility

This website was developed with the latest technology to create a user-friendly experience. While we trust you will find this site informative and easy to explore, this section should help answer any technical questions you may have about our website.

We welcome all feedback and user interest, so if you have any comments, suggestions or experience any technical difficulties while using our site, please contact our webmaster.


This website has been designed and built to be accessible to as many web users as possible, ensuring the widest audience in terms of web browsers and individual abilities are accommodated. Features we have incorporated include:

Font sizes

Use the "enlarge text" icon (+, access key [ALT + + + ENTER]) or "minimise text" icon (-, access key [ALT + - + ENTER]) from the service menu at the left of the pages.

You can use your browser to change this document’s preferred font size too
In Internet Explorer, select:
Text Size
The preferred text size


You may import your own stylesheet into this website as follows:
Select Tools
Select Internet Options
Click on the Accessibility button
Click on up to three checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes
In the same window, to change your stylesheet, select the checkbox: 'Format document using my stylesheet'
Browse to your stylesheet and click OK


You'll get the most out of this websites if you use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 or Mozilla Firefox to view this site. Some advanced features may only be available to users with more recent (version 6 and 7) browsers, although most of the site is designed to be version-4 browser compatible. If you would like to update your browser, you can download a new version by following the Microsoft and Mozilla links below.