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Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable gold mining

Graduates, apprentices and students

Gold Fields can offer you a better start to your mining career. With us, you can build highly sought after skills in regions.

Each region offers tailored mentoring, technical development and role specific training to help you succeed. You’ll learn from our international team of talented professionals, exchanging knowledge, building skills and gaining experience. The working environment is safe, challenging and rewarding giving you the scope to advance your career.

The programme is open to graduates in:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geology
  • Metallurgy

It provides grounded, practical advice and training founded in action orientated learning.

Please refer to the Regional / Human Resources contacts for more information.


Interested in learning a trade with us?

Gold Fields offers industry-leading apprenticeship training at various times throughout the year.

In our apprenticeship programme, you’ll receive mentoring from more experienced staff as you develop highly sought technical skills. It’s one of the best ways to begin a career in the mining industry.

Watch out for more information, and we will be advertising apprentiship opportunities as they arise.


Vacation work
We regularly provide opportunities for students to experience work within Gold Fields during their vacations and post information with selected universities when posts arise. Details on how and when to apply will be updated closer to application time.

Various Bonded Scholarships are available each year through Gold Fields. Details on how and when to apply will be updated closer to application time.