SUPPLIERS Gold Fields Values and Group Code of Conduct

Gold Fields Values and Group Code of Conduct

Safety: If we cannot mine safely, we will not mine

We care deeply about the safety of our people. We are vigilant about identifying unsafe behaviours and are not afraid to speak up – to stop, fix, verify and continue – because we know we have the full support of the Company when we do so. We are absolutely disciplined about developing, implementing and adhering to safety systems and rules, and we hold ourselves and each other accountable for this. We work towards zero harm on a daily basis – in our jobs, our homes and our communities. We never compromise on safety.

Integrity: We act with honesty, fairness and transparency

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We tell the truth, stand up for what we know is right and protect the people who have the courage to do this. We report facts and figures accurately, keep confidential information private and refuse to cover up or turn a blind eye to what we know is unethical. We use the Code of Conduct to guide us but when we are unsure of what to do, we ask. We act with the best interests of our Company at heart.

Respect: We treat all stakeholders with trust, dignity and respect

How we behave is guided by the knowledge that every human being is valuable and deserves respect. This is why we treat people as we would want to be treated. While we know that it is sometimes necessary to have difficult conversations, we do so in a way that ensures that the dignity of the other person always remains intact. We allow others to voice their views, even when they are different to or in conflict with our own. We embrace, value and respect diversity and difference. We do not tolerate rude, abusive or undermining behaviour and we stand up for each other.

Delivery: We strive for excellence and do what we say we will do

We strive to produce work that is excellent. We pay attention to detail and take pride in what we do. We work hard to deliver on time and within budget – wherever possible we strive to exceed expectations and do more with less. We understand that the delivery of one person impacts the delivery of the entire team. We take individual responsibility for our own work, but we accept that no single project is more important than working together to achieve Company goals.

Innovation: We encourage innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit

Our definition of innovation goes beyond technology – it encompasses any idea or change that can drive the business forward. We do not allow ourselves to be constrained by limiting beliefs and we think beyond what other people accept as "possible". We are open to change and support new ways of working, even when the ideas may not be our own. We are optimistic about what the future can deliver.

Responsibility: We responsibly manage our impact on the environment and host communities

We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and the impact we have on the environment and host communities – even if this does not relate to our core job. Wherever possible we use water and energy efficiently. We vigilantly monitor those areas of our business that may impact the environment and quickly report any incidents. We treat people in host communities with respect and seek to understand their needs and concerns.


Visit: Group Code of Conduct.