People and careers Gold Fields culture

Gold Fields culture

Gold Fields strives to develop a diverse and inclusive culture.

We focus on:

We focus on building a culture of collaboration, flexibility and fairness, and we recruit diverse, qualified candidates to fulfil this objective. We have a strong performance culture which is balanced by a focus on living our values, and we assess our employees against both elements.

innovation and technology

Innovation and technology will be critical in improving safety, volumes and costs at our mines – we recognise the need to modernise, integrate and optimise existing systems and processes as we align ourselves with automation and new digital trends in the industry. Building a pipeline of innovation and technology skills, and a business culture to support the transition, is an area of growing importance in the company.


We actively monitor our engagement levels and conduct extensive engagement surveys every two years, with shorter pulse surveys in between, to help us work on key elements of our culture and ensure that we maintain an actively engaged workforce. We also monitor voluntary turnover and the reasons people leave to ensure that we constantly adapt and change our approach.

Engaging with our people

We strive to have the highest possible engagement levels in Gold Fields. We conduct extensive engagement surveys every two years and are proud to say we typically get 60% or higher response rates across all employees of all levels. We measure a range of factors including the overall engagement levels, the degree to which our values are lived and other factors based on the focus and strategic priority areas of the business. These factors are displayed below:


The graphic below shows the engagement outcomes derived from our 2021 employee engagement survey, with the majority of factors receiving a positive rating of above 70%. Four factors, which received the lowest scores, will be the focus of improvement work by the Company. The scores for the cumulative Values Index and Engagement Index were also above 70%.