SUSTAINABILITY Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management GISTM

Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM)

As a member of the ICMM, Gold Fields helped formulate the Standard, fully endorses it and will now commence with its implementation through its ICMM membership commitment.

The Standard establishes the first global standard on tailings management that can be applied to existing and future tailings storage facilities (TSFs). Strengthening current practices in the mining industry by integrating social, environmental, local economic and technical considerations, the Standard covers the entire tailings facility lifecycle – from project conception, planning and design, through operation and ongoing construction, to closure and post-closure.

Gold Fields welcomes the Standard as a significant step forward for the safer management of TSFs. “We will now begin the process of aligning our already stringent TSF design and governance processes with the Standard within the agreed timeframe,” CEO Nick Holland says.

We are working towards compliance using a phased approach, conducting site specific gap analysis and concentrating on those facilities that have an extreme or very high consequence classification (as defined by the GISTM) first. We plan to become compliant over a five-year period. We will be updating our internal tailings management and governance systems, including our guidelines to align with the GISTM. This process will be led by our Corporate Technical Services team.