TSF management

Responsible management of the world's resources is key to enabling a sustainable future for us all. Gold Fields, along with the ICMM, is committed to strengthening the mining and metals industry's social and environmental performance to deliver the materials essential for human progress in a responsible way.

The management of tailings, both during and after mining, is the responsibility of mining companies and is subject to advanced regulatory regimes. This means that tailings management needs to be effective throughout the life of an operation, from initial feasibility through to closure and post-closure.

The production and processing of tailings relate to the orebody, the ore processing and extraction technology, and the overall mine infrastructure. Like other parts of the mine operations system, the tailings facility system includes both a technical and a governance system, which is intimately connected. This is the system that is most directly related to – and has the most influence on – reducing the risk of failure of the tailings facility.