The following requirements are specific to Gold Fields' Australia operations:

  • Agnew Gold Mine
  • Granny Smith Gold Mine
  • Gruyere JV Gold Mine
  • St Ives Gold Mine
  • Gold Fields Australia Proprietary Limited

  • Shared value creation
    Host Community Procurement & Employment

    Gold Fields aims to support the host communities in which we operate by (wherever possible) incorporating local content as part of our supply chain.

    In the Australian region, focus is given to integrating host community businesses into the supply chain (i.e. those operating in relative proximity to Gold Fields' mine sites); and in particular, indigenous-owned and operated businesses. Increasing indigenous employment and expenditure with indigenous businesses is an area of focus for Gold Fields in Australia's reconciliation action plan (RAP).

    At Gold Fields, we are committed to working with trusted organizations and extending our buying footprint to support small-to-medium suppliers in our host communities. Our suppliers can contribute to the creation of shared value by employing local workers and/or engaging locally owned suppliers as part of their supply chains.

Online supplier registration

At Gold Fields in Australia, we use SAP Ariba's suite of e-procurement and supply chain cloud solutions for sourcing goods and services on behalf of our operations.

Ariba Network Registration

All existing and prospective suppliers are required to register for an Ariba Network account in order to:

  • Increase visibility of your business (and its capabilities) to our organisation,
  • Receive and respond to tender documentation, and
  • Be considered for future tender opportunities.


Most suppliers on the Ariba Network start with a free or low-cost subscription. Your company's subscription level is based on your transaction volume and the extent of automation technologies that your business requires.

For further information, please visit:

Where is Your Company's OnLine Registration Information Stored?

SAP Ariba cloud services are provided to thousands of customers worldwide, with data managed in 11 global data centres following accepted industry guidelines as outlined below:

  • Data in Motion – all data in motion is encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 128- bit encryption.
  • Backup Media – all backup media is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption before being stored off site.
  • Secure Port – all access to SAP Ariba solutions is available only via a secure port 443.
  • Data at Rest – SAP Ariba encrypts sensitive information such as payment card data and user credentials using 128-bit encryption when stored.
  • Industry Audits – SAP Ariba is certified under industry standards covering security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


At Gold Fields, we are continually transforming our market engagement processes. This requires the adoption of innovative technology to support effective working relationships between Gold Fields and its suppliers.

Gold Fields' ECommerce Platform

Gold Fields in Australia uses the SAP Ariba Network for transacting with suppliers across all stages of the procure-to-pay lifecycle, including:

  • Tendering
  • Contract management
  • Ecatalogue management
  • Issuing purchase orders
  • Receipt of purchase order confirmations
  • Payment of invoices


Benefits of Transacting via Ariba Network

The Ariba Network makes it easy for Gold Fields and its suppliers to collaborate on transactions, thereby strengthening relationships. Benefits of transacting over the Ariba Network, include:

  • Enhanced procure-to-pay collaboration between Gold Fields and its suppliers
  • Respond to RFx and submit proposals
  • Reduction in manual data entry activities
  • Handle purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices
  • Know when you'll get paid and for what
  • Increased visibility of transactions for order tracking and invoice progress facilitating faster payment
  • Increased order accuracy and a reduction in the number of returns initiated
  • Reduction in procure-to-pay cycle times and associated administrative costs


Invoice Submission via the Ariba Network

Suppliers transacting with Gold Fields via the Ariba Network must process invoices directly via the network. Invoices should not be submitted by mail, email or fax, or they will be rejected. Invoice processing statuses are readily available in real-time to suppliers with a registered Ariba Network account.

Payment of Invoices

Provided invoices are submitted in the month in which the goods have been supplied or work has been performed, your business can expect to be paid within 30 days of the end of the following month (unless alternative payment terms have been agreed).

Human rights and modern slavery
Modern Slavery

Gold Fields has for some time been focused on safeguarding the human rights of those involved in its supply chain. With a current international focus on modern slavery practices, reinforced by legislation in certain jurisdictions (for example the UK and Australia), Gold Fields is seeking to improve its understanding of its supplier base to ensure we procure only from businesses whose products and services have been ethically sourced and are free of forced labour.

To ensure compliance with Australia's recently introduced modern slavery legislation, our Supply Chain team is currently focused on:

  • Identifying high-risk sustainability suppliers within our supply chain;
  • Developing an audit "plan-of-attack" focusing primarily on categories of spend known to be high-risk;
  • Driving acknowledgement by suppliers of Gold Fields' Values and Group Supplier Code of Conduct;
  • Updating policies, procedures, and contract templates to meet the requirements of the legislation;
  • Training personnel in how to identify and address human rights and/or modern slavery issues; and
  • Collaborating with industry peers with a view to eliminating modern slavery from our supply chains.
  • Releasing an annual Modern Slavery Statement for Gold Fields Australia:



Human Rights Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Gold Fields, in conjunction with peer companies, has developed a Modern Slavery toolkit, comprising an "understanding modern slavery" brochure, frequently asked questions, and a human rights supplier self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ). The SAQ is designed to support the identification of modern slavery risks, foster collaborative efforts between suppliers and organisations to address those risks, improve supply chain transparency, and identify areas for further due diligence. Gold Fields will roll out the SAQ to selected suppliers and engage with them on the information supplied during the course of 2020.

In the future, the form-based SAQ is likely to be replaced by an on-line supplier qualification system, which will enable suppliers to register and upload their self-assessment questionnaire responses.

Supplier Human Rights Risk Assessment Tool

While the SAQ is a valuable tool and critical input, it should not be relied on as the sole measure of a supplier's modern slavery compliance risk. Gold Fields has commenced building a platform to assess supplier human rights risk using data from multiple sources (including the SAQ), which are designed to moderate supplier human rights self-assessment scores.

Gold Fields' Procurement and Contracts personnel in Australia have received training on how to recognise and respond to risks of modern slavery in the supply chain. This training will continue to be developed alongside Gold Fields' work in this space.

Third-Party Verification of Human Rights Compliance

In addition to completing an on-line human rights supplier self-assessment questionnaire, prospective suppliers may receive a request to allow third-party access to your company's operations or manufacturing facilities, for the purpose of conducting an audit of worker conditions.

This request may extend to other suppliers within your supply chain and is designed to provide Gold Fields with comfort that appropriate labour practices are in place and that fundamental human rights are being observed. Should the audit results flag an issue, you will be given suitable opportunity to address the findings.