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Australia region

Gold Fields’ mining assets in the Australia region (GFA) include a 100% interest in the St Ives, Agnew and Granny Smith mines and a 50:50 interest in the Gruyere JV project with Gold Road Resources located in the Yilgarn area of Western Australia.

  Mining method   Open pit and underground   Underground   Underground   Open pit  
  Infrastructure   Two main open pits, three underground mines with a new major UG expansion planned in 2020. One gold processing plant with a throughput capacity of 4.7Mtpa consisting of a primary gyratory crusher, a single-stage Semi Autogenous Grind (SAG) mill with a gravity circuit and five-stage Carbon in Pulp (CIP) circuit. Gold is recovered by electro winning.   Two underground complexes and one processing plant, with a capacity of 1.3Mtpa consisting of a three-stage crushing circuit, two-stage milling circuit, gravity circuit and CIP circuit.   One active underground mine. A processing plant with a capacity of 3.5Mtpa consisting of two crushing circuits, SAG and ball mills, leach and CIP circuits and a tailings retreatment circuit. However, it is mine constrained and currently operates at 1.5Mtpa on a campaign milling basis.   The main Gruyere open pit commenced mining in Q4 2018. The processing plant, with a capacity of 8.2Mtpa, consisting of single stage crush and SABC1 circuit with pebble crushing was commissioned in mid-2019. The plant achieved commercial production at the end of September 2019 and ramp-up to steady state is underway.  
  Tailings storage facility (TSF)   Tailings stored in two paddock-type facilities and a new in-pit TSF at Leviathan, which will meet current life-of-mine (LoM) requirements.   TSF 4 established and commissioned in 2017, projected to receive tails, including stage 4 approvals, until 2025. Songvang in-pit tailings commenced in 2018 with total capacity sufficient for LoM needs.   The TSF capacity is projected to last until 2021. TSF 3 had approval to complete a further lift during 2018 providing 4Mt capacity. Evaluation of further TSF options for an extended LoM are in progress.   Construction of main TSF facility was completed in 2018 in preparation for processing commencement in 2019. The TSF capacity is projected to last until 2030 for all planned mining.  
  Mineralisation style  

Orogenic greenstone hosted (hydrothermal-style).

Mineralisation typically structurally controlled and hosted by shear and fault zones and confined to well-defined prospective structural belts.PalaeoplacerHydrothermal shear hosted
  Mineralisation characteristics   Mineralisation zones discontinuous with short-range predictability.   Mineralisation zones discontinuous with short-range predictability.   Mineralisation zones with moderate to long-range geological continuity and short-range grade continuity.   Mineralisation zones with moderate to long-range geological continuity and short-range grade continuity.  
  Exploration   Ongoing exploration programmes required to drive discovery, define the mineralisation controls, establish continuity and convert Mineral Resources to Mineral Reserves.  

Regional information

St Ives, Agnew, Granny Smith and Gruyere JV gold mines located in Western Australia

The Australian mines continue to deliver growth through ongoing exploration discovery from consistent annual investment in extensional and brownfield exploration (US$58.3m in 2019), with Agnew, Granny Smith and St Ives all increasing Resources and St Ives and Agnew increasing Reserves net of depletion. Substantial Reserves growth at Agnew (38%) and St Ives (31%) reflects excellent progress made on extensions to existing mines and the development of new mining fronts for the future. This year marks the largest Reserve estimated at St Ives since 2011, and at Agnew since 2014, reinforcing the trend for ongoing life extension at the Western Australia orogenic style operations given the right investment and exploration strategy.

The Gruyere JV mine produced first gold in Q2 2019 as planned with mine production and plant ramp-up continuing to deliver commercial production status in H2 2019.

Exploration drilling and expenditure

On-lease exploration metres drilled and expenditure for the year ended 31 December 2019 are summarised below (exclusive of grade control drilling). Higher exploration costs per metre drilled reflect the increasing ratio of DD as exploration progresses from near surface to deeper targets and increasing near-mine extensional drilling in support of underground Reserve replacement projects at St Ives, Agnew and Granny Smith.

Salient points



Mineral Reserves for the region grew by 8% net of depletion



Mineral Reserves for the region grew by 8% net of depletion

* 100% attributable to Gold Fields


Stuart J. Mathews

Executive Vice President:
Australasia Region

Stuart Mathews is an international mining professional with 25 years’ experience having worked in Australia (Queensland, NSW, WA), Mexico and New Zealand. He has progressed through geology ranks to Geology Manager level and in the last 12 years worked in project development and general operations management to COO level. Stuart joined Gold Fields in mid-2013 initially at St. Ives, as then General Manager at Granny Smith Mine after which he became Vice President Operations: Australia. From February 1, 2017 Stuart took over the position of Executive Vice President: Australasia.





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