The following requirements are specific to Gold Fields’ South American operations:

  • Cerro Corona (Peru)
  • Salares Norte (Chile)

  • Shared value creation
    Host Community Procurement and Employment

    Gold Fields aims to support the host communities in which we operate by incorporating community businesses as part of our supply chain wherever possible, as well as promoting the use of local employment through our contractors and sub-contractors.

    At Gold Fields, we are committed to working with trusted organisations and extending our buying footprint to support small-to-medium suppliers in our host communities.

    Local suppliers can contribute to the creation of shared value by employing local workers and other local businesses as part of their supply chains.

Online supplier registration
Supplier Registration

If you are interested in working with Gold Fields in Peru please register on this website. Once registered we will consider your business products or services for future needs.

Similar platforms are under evaluation for Gold Fields in Chile and will be implemented in the near future.


At Gold Fields, we are continually transforming our market engagement processes. This requires the adoption of innovative technology platforms to support effective working relationships between Gold Fields and its suppliers.

We are currently reviewing several market-place-type platforms to be used for managing our tendering processes (e.g. issuing RFQs, receiving formal quotations, etc.). Once a solution has been selected and implemented, Gold Fields will inform all current and prospective suppliers.